About Understanding Equines

Have you ever felt at a loss with what to do when working with your horse? Wondered why they were nippy, or tried to buck you off? Or maybe you've been on too many struggles at the end of a lead line, or simply wanted to find a way to bond with your horse on a deeper level than just riding them. 

Fundamental education about equine behavior isn't typically taught in most riding schools. But understanding equine ethology (natural behavior) is the very first step to interpreting why your horse acts a certain way when you're dealing with a training problem, or to knowing how to provide them with everything they need to be happy and healthy. It can even help you create a stronger partnership with your horse and prevent a lot of the behavioral problems that typically arise.

The purpose of Understanding Equines is to fill that educational gap - to help you, the horse rider or owner, so you can learn how and why your horse is the way she is, without having to spend hours searching online for answers or reading heavy textbooks. Bite-sized, straight-to-the-point facts about what horses actually need from us, how they think, and science-based perspective on problems that come up in the human-horse dyad. 

The source? I'm a certified Equine Behavior & Management Specialist with 25 years of experience working with horses. Every piece of information presented on this site comes from books published by well-respected veterinarians and experts in equine ethology, as well as from research papers. 

I hope you come back often and learn a lot. Feel free to email me at info@understandingequines.com for topic suggestions! Happy reading and happy riding.

- Cassidy Fewell, C.E.B.M.S.

woman feeding brown horse red apple