About Understanding Equines

Cassidy Weyel,

Certified Equine Behavior & Management Specialist

Thank you so much for visiting UE! I began this website shortly after graduating my equine behavior program at Animal Behavior Institute, when I realized I felt a real passion for talking to other people about all the important things I had learned about. See, I started riding when I was a little kid and have owned horses throughout my life, but my informal education was very typical in that it focused on riding techniques but not on the horse itself. 

As I got older and adopted a severely traumatized mare from a rescue, I realized there was so much that I didn't know about horses. Why do they act the way they do (spook, buck, paw at the door, etc.)? How do they see the world, and the humans they interact with? Why do certain training techniques seem to work better than others? I needed to know more in order to work with my new horse - but I also had a thirst for the truth. So I began a more formal education on the topic, and as I learned more, began to realize just how much information about horses is not widely discussed at the average riding barn. 

I began Understanding Equines with the hope to make that discussion more mainstream. After all, we put our horses through so much - don't we owe it to them to really understand them? What's more, understanding the natural behavior of horses can help improve their lives in the long run. For example: if it's common knowledge that horses are designed to roam more freely, then perhaps more horse owners will turn their horses out rather than keeping them in stalls.

Better horsemanship really isn't about "heels down" - it's about understanding the animal you're riding. And I want that to eventually become a core tenet of equestrianism. I eventually want to see every riding class emphasize the basics of equine behavior before people even get on the horse.


Ultimately, it's all about building better relationships between horses and humans. And that's why Understanding Equines is here. 

woman feeding brown horse red apple
woman holding child with brown white horse