Friends, Freedom, Forage - and Why They Matter

I am super passionate about applied ethology. Which basically means, I care a lot about how we use the knowledge of how horses (and other animals) live and behave naturally to make their domesticated environments as fulfilling and healthy as possible.

That's why I worked long and hard with an incredible graphic designer to produce this poster of the "Three F's" - Friends, Freedom and Forage. These are the 3 most fundamental needs of the horse that we need to consider if we're going to commit ourselves to compassionate and ethical horsemanship.

Click to download the PDF version - it's totally free. And feel free to share it. I imagine a world where this fundamental knowledge is widespread, and where every horse has other horses to socialize with, a paddock or pasture to roam in, and plenty of hay or grass to keep it healthy in both mind and body.

Please click the link below the picture to download the PDF version.

horse infographic friends freedom foraging

Understanding Equines_3 Fs Poster
Download PDF • 1.52MB